Theater/Bookshelf in Blue


What will we find in the box:

  • 4 basic elements for the theater: two legs and two fronts (upper and lower)
  • Two additional shelves
  • Stick for the curtain
  • Stick to create a bookshelf
  • White cotton curtain with delicate golden stars with decorative piping with bubbles
  • Stickers for the front of the theater (on the lower and upper part)
  • Set of golden stars for independent arrangement.


The theater is made of varnished plywood, to make sure there are no splinters.

The varnish is water-based, so it is completely safe for children.

 Dimensions: 135x80cm

Weighs approx 6 kg



The FANTASY THEATER is a magical item.
On the one hand, it serves as a theater, on the other it can be a bookshelf.
It comes in 2 color variants and has curtains covered in super tiny stars with cute bubbles on the trim. It looks fabulously wrapped with Christmas tree lights (we tested it):).

It lets your child’s imagination develop unlike any other toy.

Once the theater play is done, use the two additional shelves and rods and Et voila! Book shelf ready.


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