At TeePee&Co. Beirut we believe that toys should be timeless! We started our online shop and teepee brand out of nostalgia for good old wooden and fabric toys. We sell premium room décor items and toys that are hand made in the European Union, from high quality, natural, child-friendly materials, such as organic cotton and wood, always covered with non-toxic paint. We check our sources and do our homework. We work with suppliers who carefully think-through their design, to bring durable and fixable items in order to cater to the most stylish and quality conscious parents.

The inner child in us wants to bring magic to play-time, full of pretend play and creativity fostered by, ironically, the simplicity of the items. Natural toys allow for ‘downtime’ and more mindfulness. It is hard for a child to switch gears from a very stimulating toy to resting mode, while simple toys allow for a natural progression to rejuvenating activities such as reading books, daydreaming, or napping.

The aesthetes in us care about the atmosphere in the space we live in. The room décor items we select (a lot of which are simply our toys which are very decorative themselves) aim to help you create an environment that brings inner peace and comfort to your child. Let it be a sanctuary. A place of reflection of identity.

The eco-freaks in us know that toys made out of natural materials are durable so they last longer than their plastic counterparts and hence create less waste. If one day the time comes for the toys to be retired, they are a recyclable, replenishable resources so you can rest assured that their disposal will be gentle to the Earth.

The humans in us want to help others. Therefore we will donate 3% from each teepee, wardrobe and rocking horse sold to charity.

Above all, we hope that our products will be passed down from generation to generation, and will be cherished as your child grows up.


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