Kids for Turath

We grew up surrounded by old Lebanese buildings. Their sight was probably natural and obvious. Many of them were run-down by war. Some may have been marveling at their exceptional beauty, but most were walking past them without any reflection. But for sure for us Lebanese architecture brings as strong of an association with our childhood and country as: zataar, toot syrup, banana plantations, bougainvillea or olive trees. Today it seems to be the same, with the difference that the old Lebanese houses are becoming extremely scarce. Imagine you are your 3 year old child, for whom the glass towers will be his or hers association with their country. But this is not the heritage we are coming from.

This got us thinking. How to talk to your children about their cultural heritage?  How do you show them where are they from? The sentence from the Declaration of Amsterdam 1975: “The architectural heritage will survive only if it is appreciated by the public and in particular by the younger generation.” seems very true. In the age of globalization and westernization, how to keep the essence of where we come from close to our children’s heart?


Would love to know your thoughts on this subject.

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