Mediterranean Thermos 500ml by Miniland


Maintains the temperature of liquids for more than 24 hours

The Miniland Baby thermoses are highly resistant and effective thanks to their dual steel wall with an exclusive aluminium layer, their vacuum chamber and the double-cap system.

In two possible finishes

The 500ml liquid thermos from Miniland are available in two different finishes depending on the parents taste. They can choose the rubbery exterior touch or the classic metallic finish. In addition, steel thermos is suitable for dishwasher.

The baby’s meals always ready

Parents can prepare the baby’s food at home and take it anywhere, maintaining the desired temperature for many hours.

Materials endowed with exceptional quality

Made from 18/8 steel (304 steel) which has very low thermal conductivity and very good resistance to high temperatures, being the most appropriate material for food storage.

Easy pouring system

With thermos parents will not spill a drop of the content thanks to their easy pouring and ‘ click on, click off’  locking systems that allows to open and close the thermos with a single finger and without the need of unscrewing the internal plug.

Detachable and easy to clean

Both the thermos cap, which can be used as a glass, and the valve are unscrewable, facilitating the cleaning of all components. In addition, steel thermos is suitable for dishwashers.

Bisphenol a free

100% BPA-free.




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