Mediterranean Food Thermos 600ml by Miniland


Themed thermos for solids, 600 ml. With a pleasant soft, rubbery feel, it is extremely tough and effective at maintaining its temperature thanks to its double inox steel wall and its exclusive layer of aluminium. Furthermore, it includes an easy-opening valve on the top and a neoprene bag for carrying it anywhere.

For all types of solid food

Ideal for the first mushes to all kinds of solid food.

Materials endowed with exceptional quality. The best on the market!

Endowed with double steel wall and an exclusive aluminium layer. Made from 18/8 steel (304 steel), which has very low thermal conductivity and very good resistance to high temperatures. The most suitable for food storage.

To take everywhere

food thermos has the perfect size to take it anywhere. The neoprene bag is fitted with a velcro seal handle which allows it to be conveniently hung on the pram. In addition, it insulates from atmospheric temperature changes, better maintaining the temperature of hot or cold foods for more than 12 hours. Ensures greater safety and hygiene when transporting food thanks to its sealing with a double-cap seal.

In two possible finishes

Parents will be able to choose between the soft rubbery exterior or the classic metallic finish according to their taste. In addition, steel food thermos is suitable for dishwasher.

Feeding from the same recipient

With a large capacity (600 ml), they are very suitable for feeding the baby directly without needing to pour the content into a dish or plate.

Easy opening

The lid of food thermos includes a button to release the pressure inside of it, making its opening much easier and more comfortable.

Bisphenol A free

100% BPA-free.




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