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At TeePee&Co. Beirut we believe that toys should be timeless! We started our online shop and teepee brand out of nostalgia for good old wooden and fabric toys. We sell premium room décor items and toys that are hand made in the European Union, from high quality, natural, child-friendly materials, such as organic cotton and wood, always covered with non-toxic paint. We check our sources and do our homework. We work with suppliers who carefully think-through their design, to bring durable and fixable items in order to cater to the most stylish and quality conscious parents.

The inner child in us wants to bring magic to play-time, full of pretend play and creativity fostered by, ironically, the simplicity of the items. Natural toys allow for ‘downtime’ and more mindfulness. It is hard for a child to switch gears from a very stimulating toy to resting mode, while simple toys allow for a natural progression to rejuvenating activities such as reading books, daydreaming, or napping…

Baby Beds
Coloring Book
Dolls & Stuffed Animals
Gift Cards
Indoor Swings
Memory Game
Posters "Kids for Turath" Collection
Recycled toys furniture
Rhino Ride
Rocking Elephants
Rocking Horses
Rocking toys & walkers
Room Decor
Teethers & Bath Toys
Theaters for Kids
Wall Decorations
Wardrobes "Kids for Turath" Collection

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Old Toys

While spending time with family in my childhood home, I saw my little nephew taking out of the toy box a metal tank and cannon. I instantly recognized them, as these were toys [...]


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